Excelling as a knowledge and technology enterprise in Earth System Science to make lives better through world class services for weather, climate, ocean, coastal and natural hazards and sustainable harnessing of ocean resources

  • Weather and Climate Services
    • Weather forecasts, warnings and advisories for various sectors like agriculture, aviation, disaster management, power,  transport, water resources, tourism, sports, etc.
    • Early warnings for Natural Hazards such as Cyclones, Storm Surge, Tsunami, Heavy Rainfall, Heat wave etc.
  • Ocean Services
    • Tsunami warnings, Fishery advisories, Ocean state forecasts and warnings
    • Coastal Research and Coastal Protection
  • Ocean Resources, Survey and Technology Development
    • Harnessing of Non-living resources - Water, Energy and Minerals
    • Living resources mapping, Marine biodiversity
    • Survey and Exploration of Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Shelf
  • Seismological Services
    • Earthquake Detection and information, Geoscience research
  • Polar Science
    • Scientific exploration of the three poles (Arctic, Antarctic and Himalayas) and Climate linkages.

New District Agrometeorological Units (DAMU) set up

Addition of Farmers in the SMS List for dissemination of agromet advisories (In millions)

New Blocks for which Agro advisory are generated

New AWS in major cities/towns

New AWS in Tourist Places

High Way weather forecasts generated

Additional Satellite and other conventional data added in the data assimilation system (in GB)